I'm Kahlan, from Canada.
16 years old, loves to get away from the world with video games, and the stories that come with them.
This blog is to represent the things I love (so mostly just video games lol k.)
I enjoy many things, mostly Playstation stuff. Aside from that, Black Rock Shooter, The Walking Dead, Scott Pilgrim, Norman Reedus, and much more.
Feel free to ask me anything c:
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i finished deus ex human revolution in one sitting im a disgrace

Holy shit, more like a LEGENNNNDDD

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Anonymous said: don't be what they want you to be, fuck em, you are awesome

I said:

Aaayyyyeeee you’re awesome too, Anon! :)

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I know I’m not enough, and making effort to be what is wanted isn’t enough either.

I’m sorry.

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